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The Stavanger region is Norway’s third largest conurbation with a population of about 400 000 inhabitants. The city itself has a population of 118 000.
The Greater Stavanger region hosts a versatile and dynamic business community known for its innovation and high levels of wealth generation. An international focus combined with active business networking all contribute towards the region’s economic growth and future prosperity.

During the 1960s, exploration drilling for oil in the North Sea changed Stavanger dramatically. The city is located close to the North Sea and its excellent harbour, combined with airline connections, made it well-placed to take advantage of the increase in activity.

Following the rise during the mid 1970s of oil and gas exploration and production as Stavanger’s most important industrial sector, the business and cultural climate altered considerably.

Statoil is the largest oil company in the Stavanger region and has its corporate headquarters located in Forus, a suburb lying between the neighbouring cities of Sandnes and Stavanger.

Norway’s Most Productive Region
Stavanger is well known for its large oil and gas sector, which supports Norway’s current status as the world’s third largest oil exporter.

In 2005, the Stavanger region gained the distinction of becoming Norway’s most successful economic region. Business enterprises are characterised not only by rapid growth but also by their greater profitability.

Stavanger’s success in the competitive global market place is perhaps its most distinguishing attribute. The business community has a well-honed sensitivity to global economic fluctuations and has proven to be highly adaptable.

The city of Stavanger is located on a peninsula on the south-western coast of Norway.
The climate is mild and rather windy. The summers are pleasant and the agricultural lowlands in and around the city enjoy the longest growing season in Norway.

Food and culinology

Rogaland and the Stavanger region is Norway`s answer to the French food region of Lyon. The food industry in the region is leading both nationally and internationally.

The Stavanger region has a wide range of food producers – farmers and fishermen, chefs and restaurant owners, manufacturing and packaging companies, researchers and health food manufacturers.

The Stavanger region, together with Liverpool in the UK, was selected as a European Capital of Culture for 2008.

The Stavanger 2008 vision is expressed in the concept «Open Port». This can be understood both in its English sense – an open harbour, and in its Norwegian meaning – an open gate. Open Port represents Stavanger’s openness to the world.

The region and its people are regarded as being especially open and inclusive towards art, new ideas and opportunities.

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